Pools, Septic, Wells, & Irrigation Inspections

What we inspect

What we inspect

Swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and equipment. The inspector shall:
(A) report the type of construction;
(B) report as Deficient:
(i) the presence of a single blockable main drain (potential entrapment hazard);
(ii) a pump motor, blower, or other electrical equipment that lacks bonding;
(iii) the absence of or deficiencies in safety barriers;
(iv) water leaks in above‐ground pipes and equipment;
(v) the absence or failure in performance of ground‐fault circuit interrupter protection devices; and
(vi) deficiencies in:
(I) surfaces;
(II) tiles, coping, and decks;
(III) slides, steps, diving boards, handrails, and other equipment;
(IV) drains, skimmers, and valves;
(V) filters, gauges, pumps, motors, controls, and sweeps;
(VI) lighting fixtures; and
(VII) the pool heater that these standards of practice require to be reported for the heating system.
Septic Systems

Septic Systems

Private sewage disposal (septic) systems. The inspector shall:
(A) report:
(i) the type of system;
(ii) the location of the drain or distribution field;
(iii) the proximity of any known water wells, underground cisterns, water supply lines, bodies of water, sharp slopes or breaks, easement lines, property lines, soil absorption systems, swimming pools, or sprinkler systems;
(B) report as Deficient:
(i) visual or olfactory evidence of effluent seepage or flow at the surface of the ground;
(ii) inoperative aerators or dosing pumps; and
(iii) deficiencies in:
(I) accessible components;
(II) functional flow;
(III) site drainage and clearances around or adjacent to the system; and
(IV) the aerobic discharge system.
(C) The inspector is not required to:
(i) excavate or uncover the system or its components;
(ii) determine the size, adequacy, or efficiency of the system; or
(iii) determine the type of construction used.
Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Landscape irrigation (sprinkler) systems.  The inspector shall:
(A) manually operate all zones or stations on the system through the controller;
(B) report as Deficient:
(i) the absence of a rain or moisture sensor,
(ii) inoperative zone valves;
(iii) surface water leaks;
(iv) the absence of a backflow prevention device;
(v) the absence of shut‐off valves between the water meter and backflow device;
(vi) deficiencies in the performance and mounting of the controller;
(vii) missing or damaged components; and
(viii) deficiencies in the performance of the water emission devices; such as, sprayer heads, rotary sprinkler heads, bubblers or drip lines.


Private water wells. The inspector shall:
(A) operate at least two fixtures simultaneously;
(B) recommend or arrange to have performed coliform testing;
(C) report:
(i) the type of pump and storage equipment;
(ii) the proximity of any known septic system;
(D) report as Deficient deficiencies in:
(i) water pressure and flow and performance of pressure switches;
(ii) the condition of accessible equipment and components; and
(iii) the well head, including improper site drainage and clearances.